Elizabeth Fillet de Wetherden. John Spinke testatur that about 7 years since this acc'ed beinge angry wth his man for not mendinge her shoes he did often times see a rat that did troble him in his shop but he cold never kil it and beinge rosolued to shote it cold se it no more. After he saw a mowle run about his shop but he cold not get. After this accu. lieinge bedered stroke her kep and this informant's wife beinge told of it sayd she shold lie and rot before she wold come at her if she weare her keep. psently after, this woman. had a child taken wth a stronge fit of sicknes and the day after the sicknes it had lice about it but shisninge the lininge it was cleere fro the lice. Tho gardiner . . . Tho. Janings testatur. that her told that the searcher was come to towne and he asked her if she wold be searched and she sd let the honest wemen come and she wold be content and she further sayd the divell tempted her to kill her selfe and she shold auoyd this standell. Ignoramus.