This chapter discusses the underemployment trends by ethnic group, for 1980 and 1990 by using a sample of immigrant and native workers in the civilian labor force. Unemployment is highest among the Vietnamese and lowest for Filipinos in 1980 and 1990. Vietnamese have the highest rates of working poverty among the ethnic groups considered during the same years. Over 25 percent of Indians are mismatched in 1980 and 1990, representing the highest job mismatch rate among ethnic groups. Gender differences in overall underemployment in 1980 show that non-Hispanic whites exhibited the greatest gender differential, at 16 percent. Part-time employment for women in 1980 is highest for whites at 24 percent and lowest for Filipinos and Vietnamese at 14 percent each. Age effects in employment are evident in the two extreme age groups— the 16–25 year olds and the 56–65 year olds.