Nulluft / zero air Nullvariante f (agric) nil (as in testing fertilizer

effects) Nullversuch m 1. blank, blank experiment (test,

trial); 2. s. Nullvariante Nullviskositat f zero shear-rate viscosity nullwertig zero-valent Nullwertigkeit f zero valence Nullzweig m Q-branch (of a band spectrum) numerieren (nomencl) to number Numerierung f (nomencl) numbering - im Uhrzeigersinn clockwise numbering Numerierungssystem n (nomencl) numbering

system Nummer f (text) number, count ~ der EC-Nomenklatur (bioch) EC number, en­

zyme classification number Nur-Glas-Papier n glass paper (an insulating

material) Nusselt-Kennzahl f, Nusselt-Zahl f Nusselt

number (of heat transfer) NuBol n nut oil Nutringdichtung f U-seal Nutsche f nutsch[e], nutsch filter nutschen to filter [off] by suction, to filter under

suction Nutzarbeit f (phys ch) useful (net) work ~/maximale useful maximum work nutzbar usable, available (e.g. resource) nutzerfreundlich user-friendly Nutzleistung /efficiency Nutzraum m (ceram) setting space (of a kiln) Nutzungsdauer /service life, operating (working,

useful) life; (hyd) bed life (of activated carbon in the filter bed)

-/normative service life expectancy Nutzwasser n s. Brauchwasser Nu-Zahl fs. Nusselt-Kennzahl n-Verbindung /normal compound (as opposed to

iso compound) NVK s. Volumenkapazitat/nutzbare Nylonfarbstoff m nylon dye Nylonfilz m (pap) nylon felt Nylonmembran / (hyd) nylon membrane (reverse

osmosis) N-Yperit n s. Stickstoffyperit

o Oakes-Maschine / (rubber) Oakes frother O-Alkylierung / O-alkylation, oxygen alkylation OAS = optische Atomspektroskopie OA-Spektroskopie fs. Optoakustik-Spektroskopie 0 2-Aufblaskonverter m s. Oberwindkonverter 0 2-Aufblasverfahren n s. Oberwindfrischverfahren Obenaufgabe / (tech) top feed Oberbainit m (met) upper bainite Oberbauseitenwand /casement (casing) wall,

jamb (breast) wall (of a glass-melting furnace)

Oberboden m (soil) topsoil, eluvial horizon, A-horizon

Oberdruckpresse fs. Oberkolbenpresse Oberfilz m (pap) top felt, overfelt (of a cylinder

board machine) Oberflache /surface, (quantitatively:) surface area

• die - behandeln to surface, to finish • mit glatter - smooth-surfaced

-/auBere external (outer) surface - der Makroporen macroporous area (as in acti­

vated carbon) - der Mikroporen microporous area (as in activated

carbon) - des Filtermaterials (hyd) bed size -/gehammerte batter (a defect in glass) -/innere internal surface, inner (inside) surface -/rauhe rough surface; pulled surface (a defect in

plastics) -/spezifische specific surface -/wirksame effective area OberflachenabfluB m (hyd) surface runoff oberflachenaktiv surface-active Oberflachenaktivitat / surface activity -/spezifische specific surface activity Oberflachenanasthetikum n surface anaesthetic Oberflachenantigen n [cell] surface antigen Oberflachenarbeit / free surface energy Oberflachenatom n surface atom Oberflachenbedeckung / surface coverage oberflachenbehandeln to surface Oberflachenbehandlung / surface treatment,

surfacing Oberflachenbelastung / (hyd) surface loading

-/hydraulische (hyd) hydraulic loading per unit area Oberflachenbelufter m (hyd) surface aerator -/ortsfester fixed-position surface aerator Oberflachenbeluftung f (hyd) surface (mechanical)

aeration Oberflachenbeluftungsanlage / (hyd) surface

(mechanical) aeration unit Oberflachenbeschaffenheit /surface condition

(appearance), (of treated surfaces also:) finish Oberflachenbeschickung f s. Oberflachenbela­

stung Oberflachenbild n (phot) surface image -/latentes surface latent image Oberflachenblase / skin blister (a defect in glass) Oberflachenchemie /surface chemistry Oberflachendenaturierung f (bioch) surface dena-

turation Oberflachendiffusion /surface diffusion Oberflachendiffusionskoeffizient m surface diffu-

sivity Oberflachendruck m surface pressure Oberflacheneffekt m surface effect Oberflacheneigenschaften fpl surface properties

Oberflachenenergie /surface energy -/freie free surface energy -/spezifische specific surface work (free energy),

surface tension (of solids) Oberflachenenthalpie /surface enthalpy Oberflachenentropie / surface entropy Oberflachenentwickler m (phot) surface developer Oberflachenentwicklung / (phot) surface develop­

ment Oberflachenerneuerungstheorie /surface renew­

al theory (of mass transfer) Oberflachenerscheinung /surface phenomenon Oberflachenfarbung / (pap) surface colouring

(staining), tub colouring, dipping - im Kalander calender colouring (staining), pad­

ding, stuffing Oberflachenfermentation / (biot) surface fermen­

tation Oberflachenfilm m surface (overlying) film, surface

skin -/kondensierter condensed film -/monomoiekuiarer monomolecular (unimolecular)

surface film Oberflachenfilter n surface (edge) filter Oberflachenfiltration / surface (edge) filtration oberflachengefarbt (pap) surface-coloured oberflachengeleimt (pap) surface-sized, top-sized ~/im Leimbadtauchverfahren surface-sized with

size tub, tub-sized, T.S., vat-sized -/in der Leimpresse surface-sized with size press -/m it Gelatine s. ~/mit Tierleim -/m it Starke surface-sized with starch ~/mit Tierleim surface-sized with animal glue, ani­

mal-sized, gelatin-sized Oberflachenglanz m surface lustre, gloss, glaze OberflachengroBe /surface area Oberflachengute /[surface] finish Oberflachenharte / surface hardness oberflachenharten to surface-harden (metals) -/durch Diffusion to cement Oberflachenharten n surface hardening (of metals) - durch Diffusion cementation Oberflachenhaut fs. Oberflachenfilm Oberflachenheterogenitat / surface heterogeneity oberflacheninaktiv surface-inactive Oberflachenionisation / (anal) surface-induced

dissociation, SID Oberflachen katalysator m heterogeneous catalyst Oberflachenkatalyse / heterogeneous catalysis,

surface (contact) catalysis Oberflachenkondensator m surface condenser Oberflachenkonzentration /surface concentration Oberflachenkraft /surface force Oberflachenkultur / (biot) surface culture Oberflachenladung / (phys ch) surface charge Oberflachenleim m (pap) surface-sizing agent, tub

size Oberflachenleimmaschine / (pap) surface-sizing

(tub-sizing) machine

Oberflachenleimung / (pap) surface (top) sizing - im Leimbadtauchverfahren surface sizing with

size tub, tub (vat) sizing, T.S., size-tub treatment - in der Leimpresse surface sizing with size press - mit Gelatine s. ~ mit Tierleim - mit Starke surface sizing with starch - mit Tierleim surface sizing with animal glue, ani­

mal tub sizing, A.T.S., gelatin sizing Oberflachenluftung /surface aeration Oberflachen matte f (plast) surfacing mat, overlay

sheet Oberflachenoxidation /surface oxidation oberflachenporos (chromat) superficially porous Oberflachenpotential n surface potential Oberflachenrauhigkeit / surface roughness Oberflachenreaktion / surface reaction Oberflachenreaktor m (biot) surface film reactor OberflachenriB m surface crack; (glass) check,

vent, (in the neck of a bottle) smear Oberflachenruckstand m extrasurface residue (of

pesticides) Oberflachenriittler m surface vibrator Oberflachenrtittlung / surface vibration Oberflachenschicht /surface layer -/aufgekohlte (eingesetzte, zementierte) carbu-

rized case (on steel) Oberflachenschliere / surface cord (a defect in

glass) Oberflachenschutz m surface protection Oberflachensieden n subcooled boiling Oberflachenspannung /surface tension oberflachenspannungsvermindernd lowering the

surface tension Oberflachentemperatur /surface temperature Oberflachentextur /surface texture Oberflachentrockner m (coat) surface drier Oberflachenverbindung / surface compound Oberflachenverbrennung /surface combustion (of

gas-air or vapour-air mixtures at the surface of incandescent solids)

Oberflachenverdichter m surface condenser Oberflachenverdichtung / (build) surface compac­

tion Oberflachenverdunstung /surface evaporation,

(quantitatively:) evaporation loss Oberflachenverfahren n (biot) surface[-culture]

process Oberflachenverwitterung /surface weathering Oberflachenwachstum n surface growth Oberflachenwasser n (hyd) surface water Oberflachenwasserbeschaffenheit f s. Ober-

flachenwassergute Oberflachenwasserentnahme /surface water

withdrawal Oberflachenwassergiite / surface water quality Oberflachenwasservorkommen n surface water

source Oberflachenwiderstand m surface resistance -/spezifischer surface resistivity

oberflachenwirksam surface-active Oberflachenwirkung f surface effect Oberflachenzone f s. Oberflachenschicht Oberflachenzustand m s. Oberflachenbeschaffen-

heit obergarig top-fermenting, top-fermented Obergarung f top fermentation Oberhefe f top[-fermentation] yeast Oberkolben m (plast) top ram (force) (of a press) Oberkolbenpresse f (plast) down-stroke press, top

ram press Oberleder n upper (dressing) leather Obermesser n (pap) revolving (fly) knife (of a

cross-cutter) Oberphase f (chromat) upper phase Oberphos-Verfahren n Oberphos process (for

manufacturing superphosphate) Obersaule f (distil) enriching (rectifying) section Oberschale f der Petrischale (lab) Petri-dish top Oberschicht f top layer Oberschwingung f (spectr) overtone Oberschwingungsbande f (spectr) overtone band Oberschwingungsfrfequenz f (spectr) overtone

frequency Oberseite f (pap) top (felt) side Oberstempel m (plast) top ram (force) (of a press)-,

(ceram) top punch; (met) upper plunger (of a die) Oberton m, Obertonschwingung fs. Ober­

schwingung Obertrum m(n) top strand, carrying side, (relating

to belt conveyors also) drive belt Obertuch n (pap) top felt, overfelt Oberwalze ftop roll ~ der Leimpresse (pap) top size press roll Oberwellenwechselstrompolarographie f (anal)

higher-harmonic alternating current polarography Oberwindfrischkonverter m basic (top-blown)

oxygen converter (furnace) Oberwindfrischverfahren n (met) basic (top-

blown) oxygen converter process, basic oxygen [steel] process

Objekt n object; (phys ch) entity, object -/diskretes discrete entity -/elementares elementary entity -/individuelles individual entity -/naturliches natural entity -/komplexes complex entity -/molekulares molecular entity -/physikalisches physical entity -/strukturelles structural entity Objekttrager m [microscope] slide Objekttragerzellentechnik f/Wrightsche Wright

slide-cell technique (for testing antibiotics) Obstbaumspritzmittel n fruit tree spray -/fungizides fruit-fungicide spray Obstessig m fruit vinegar Obstsaft m [fruit] juice Obstwein m fruit wine Ocimen n ocimene, *3,7-dimethylocta-1,3,6-triene

Ocker m (min) ochre -/Gelber yellow ochre (a mixture of limonite with

clay and silica used as a pigment) -/Italienischer Italian red (a pigment consisting of

iron(lll) oxide) ~/Roter red ochre (rudd), stone red (a red haema­

tite used as a pigment) ockerhaltig ochreous OC/load-Wert m s. Sauerstoffzufuhrwert Octacosansaure f *octacosanoic acid, montanic

acid Octacyanowolframat(IV) n M^[W(CN)8] octa-

cyanowolframate(IV), octacyanotungstate(IV) Octadeca-9,12-diensaure f *octadeca-9,12-

dienoic acid, linoleic acid Octadecan n octadecane Octadecanal n *octadecanal, stearaldehyde Octadecanamid n *octadecanoamide, stearamide,

stearic acid amide Octadecananilid n octadecanoanilide, stearanilide Octadecannitril n *octadecanonitrile, stearonitrile Octadecan-1-ol n *octadecan-1-ol, octadecyl

alcohol Octadecansaure f *octadecanoic acid, stearic acid Octadecatriensaure f octadecatrienoic acid Octadec-11-en-9-insaure f *octadec-11-en-9-

ynoic acid, santalbic acid Octadecensaure f octadecenoic acid Octadec-9-insaure f *octadec-9-ynoic acid,

stearolic acid Octadecylamin n octadecylamine, stearylamine Octaeder n (cryst) octahedron octaedrisch (cryst) octahedral, oct. Octafluorid n octafluoride Octahydrat n octahydrate Octahydrid n octahydride Octamer[e] n octamer Octamolybdat n M^Mo80 26 octamolybdate Octan n octane Octanal n octanal Octan-1,8-dicarbonsaure f *octane-1,8 -dicar-

boxylic acid, *decanedioic acid, sebacic acid Octandisaure f *octanedioic acid, *hexane-1,5-

dicarboxylic acid, suberic acid Octan-1-ol n *octan-1-ol, octyl alcohol Octansaure f octanoic acid Octanzahl f octane number (rating, value) • mit

hoher - high-octane • mit niedriger ~ low-octane Octanzahlbestimmung f octane rating octasubstituiert octasubstituted octavalent octavalent Octavalenz foctavalency Octawolframat n *octawolframate, octatungstate Oct-1-in noct-1 -yne Octose f octose (any of a class of monosaccha­

rides) Octoxid n octaoxide Octylacetylen n*dec-1-yne, (deprecated:) octyl-


n-Octylalkohol m s. Octan-1-ol />Octylaldehyd m s. Octanal rt-Octylsaure fs. Octansaure Oderberg-Muhle /Oderberg [colloid] mill Odorans n odorant odorieren to odorize (toxic gases) Odoriermittel n odorant Odorierung /odorization (of toxic gases) Odorierungsmittel n odorant Odorimetrie f 1. odorimetry (measurement of the

intensity of odours)-, 2. s. Olfaktometrie odorisieren s. odorieren 0 2-Elektrode f (biot) p0 2 electrode OES s. Emissionsspektroskopie/optische Ofen m (tech) furnace, (esp ceram) kiln, (esp for

lower temperatures) oven • im ~ trocknen to kilndry, to oven-dry

-/auBenbeheizter externally heated furnace -/Belgischer (ceram) Belgian kiln -/brennstoffbeheizter fuel-heated furnace -/deckenbeheizter s. ~/von oben beheizter -/direkt beheizter direct-fired furnace, direct[-heat]

furnace -/eiektrischer (elektrisch beheizter, eiektro-

thermischer) electric furnace ~ fur durchiaufenden (kontinuierlichen) Betrieb

continuous furnace -/gemuffelter muffle furnace; (ceram) muffle kiln -/halbgemuffelter (ceram) semimuffle kiln -/holzgefeuerter wood-fired furnace; (ceram)

wood-fired kiln -/holzkohlengefeuerter charcoal-fired furnace -/indirekt beheizter indirect-fired furnace, indirect[-

heat] furnace -/induktionsbeheizter induction (inductance)

furnace -/intermittierender s. -/periodischer -/Kasseler (ceram) Kassel[er] kiln -/Kingscher King furnace (for thermal photolysis) -/kontinuierlicher (kontinuierlich arbeitender)

continuous furnace -/Mannheimer Mannheim furnace (forproducing

hydrochloric acid) -/mehretagiger (mehrherdiger) multihearth (mul-

tiple-hearth) furnace - mit aufsteigender Flamme (ceram) updraught

kiln - mit AuBenbeheizung s. -/auBenbeheizter - mit eiektrischer Beheizung s. -/eiektrischer - mit horizontaler Flammenfuhrung (ceram)

horizontal-draught kiln - mit indirekter Beheizung s. -/indirekt beheizter - mit Langsgewolbe (ceram) longitudinal arch kiln - mit rascher Brandfolge (ceram) short-cycle kiln - mit Sohlebeheizung sole-flue oven - mit iiberschlagender Flamme (ceram) down­

draught kiln - mit U-Flammenfuhrung (glass) end-fired (end-

port) furnace

- mit waagerechter Flammenfuhrung (ceram) horizontal-draught kiln

- mit wanderndem Feuer (ceram) moving-fire kiln - mit Widerstandserhitzung (Widerstandshei-

zung) resistance (resistor) furnace, resistanceheated furnace

-/periodischer (periodisch arbeitender) batchtype furnace; (ceram) periodic kiln

-/rotierender rotary furnace; (for sintering or cal­ cining:) rotary kiln

~/von oben beheizter top-fired furnace, over-fired furnace; (ceram) top-fired kiln

-/widerstandsbeheizter s. - mit Widerstands­ erhitzung

-/zweietagiger (ceram) two-tier kiln Ofen mpllgekoppelte (ceram) linked kilns Ofenabwarme f furnace waste heat Ofenalterung f (rubber) [air] oven ageing Ofenatmosphare f furnace atmosphere Ofenauskleidung f, Ofenausmauerung f furnace

lining OfenausschuB m (ceram) kiln loss Ofenbeschickung f furnace charge Ofenbetrieb m furnace operation Ofenboden m s. Ofensohle Ofencharge f furnace charge Ofendrehwerk n furnace-rotating mechanism Ofeneinsatz m furnace charge Ofenfutter n furnace lining -/basisches (met) basic lining -/saures (met) acid lining Ofengas n furnace gas Ofengestell n furnace hearth ofengetrocknet kiln-dried, oven-dried Ofenkammer f furnace chamber Ofenlack m stoving lacquer; (if unpigmented:)

stoving varnish Ofenladung f furnace charge Ofenmantel m furnace shell Ofenraum m furnace chamber OfenruB m (rubber) furnace [combustion] black Ofenschacht m furnace shaft Ofenschlacke f furnace slag (clinker) Ofenschwarz n s. OfenruB Ofensohle f furnace bottom; (ceram) kiln floor;

(glass) bench, siege (of a pot furnace) Ofenstiitzmaterial n (ceram) kiln furniture Ofentransformator m furnace transformer ofentrocken kiln-dried, oven-dried Ofentrocknung f kiln (oven) drying Ofentiir f/gemauerte (ceram) [kiln] wicket Ofenverfahren n (rubber) furnace [combustion]

process, continuous-furnace method (for produc­ ing carbon black)

Ofenvorlage fgas collecting main (of a coke-oven battery)

Ofenwagen m (ceram) kiln car Ofenwanne f crucible (of an arc furnace) Ofenzug m flue

Ofenzustellung f (met) furnace lining offenkettig (org ch) open-chain offenzellig open-cell (foamed plastics) offizinell (pharm) official, pharmacopoeial offnen to open; to dismantle (a filter press) Offnung /opening, (esp of a nozzle:) orifice, (esp

of a bottle:) mouth, (esp for intake or exhaust of fluids:) port, (esp for charging or discharging sol­ ids:) door, (esp for the passage of radiation:) aperture

Offnungsdruck m opening pressure (of a valve) Offnungsweite f [des Siebs] screen (sieve) size,

[screen] aperture Offnungswinkel m aperture angle (of a cone of

radiation) Off-resonance-Entkopplung f (spectr) off-reso-

nance decoupling Offsetdruck m offset printing Offsetdruckfarbe /offset [printing] ink Offsetdruckpapier n offset [printing] paper Offsetdruckverfahren n offset [printing] process Offsetpapier n offset [printing] paper Offsetpresse / (pap) offset (smoothing) press OFHC-Kupfer n oxygen-free high-conductivity

copper, O.F.H.C. copper Ogia-Kopal m Accra copal (from Daniella ogea

Rolfe) OH-Austauscher m (hyd) OH-form (hydroxyl-form)

exchanger, anion exchanger OH-Gruppe / OH group, hydroxyl (hydroxy) group

(residue) OH-lonenaustauscher m s. OH-Austauscher OH-Radikal n OH radical, (specif) free OH radical OH-Rest m s. OH-Gruppe OHZ s. Hydroxylzahl Oiazin n s. Pyridazin Oiticicaol n oiticica oil (from Licania rigida Benth.) Okasaki-Fragment n, Okasaki-Stiick n (bioch)

Okasaki fragment (of the DNA) okkludieren to occlude Okklusion / occlusion Okosphare /ecosphere, biosphere Okotoxikologie /ecotoxicology, environmental

toxicology okotoxikologisch ecotoxicological Okotoxizitat / ecotoxicity, environmental toxicity Okt... s. a. Oct... n-Oktadezylalkohol m s. Octadecan-1 -ol Oktett n octet Oktettaufweitung /octet expansion Oktettprinzip n, Oktettregel /octet rule Okular n eyepiece, ocular (of a microscope) 01 n oil • in - abloschen (abschrecken) to oil-

quench • in ~ harten to oil-harden (steel) • mit ~ beheizt oil-heated • mit - getrankt oilimpregnated

-/abgepreBtes (petrol) pressed distillate, blue oil -/abgetopptes s. -/getopptes -/absolutes (cosmet) absolute essence, absolute

[from concrete]

-/atherisches essential (volatile) oil ~/auf Erdolbasis petroleum oil -/aufgeschwommenes (hyd) scum oil - aus Ruckstandsaufarbeitung recovered oil (in

coal hydrogenation) -/compoundiertes compounded oil -/destilliertes distilled oil -/Dippelsches Dippel’s (bone) oil -/doktor-negatives (petrol) sweet oil -/doktor-positives (petrol) sour oil -/eingedicktes thickened oil; (coat) bodied (polym­

erized) oil -/emulgierbares emulsifiable oil, soluble (miscible)

oil -/entbastes (coal) base-free oil -/entphenoltes (coal) dephenolated (phenol-free)

oil -/fettes 1 . fat[ty] oil, fixed oil (as opposed to essen­

tial oil)] 2 . (petrol) rich oil (an absorption oil for light hydrocarbons)

-/geblasenes blown oil -/gebranntes distilled oil -/gefettetes compounded oil -/gehartetes hardened (hydrogenated) oil -/gesauertes s. -/saures -/geschwefeltes sulphurized (sulphurated) oil -/getopptes topped crude [petroleum], reduced

crude [oil], reduced oil -/halbtrocknendes semidrying oil -/„harzfreies“ non-sludging oil -/helles pale oil (a lubricating-oil distillate) -/hydriertes s. -/gehartetes -/kaltgepreBtes (kaltgeschlagenes) cold-drawn

oil -/konkretes (cosmet) concrete [oil] -/leichtes light oil -/losliches soluble oil -/medizinisches medicinal oil -/mineralisches mineral oil -/mischbares 1 . (agric) emulsifiable concentrate

(used as a pesticide)-, 2 . s. -/emulgierbares - mit negativem Doktortest (petrol) sweet oil - mit positivem Doktortest (petrol) sour oil -/naphthenhaltiges (naphthenisches) naphthenic

oil -/neutrales neutral oil ~/„nicht verharzendes“ non-sludging oil -/nichtfluchtiges fixed oil -/nichttrocknendes non-drying oil, permanent oil -/oxidiertes (coat) blown oil -/Paalsgardsches Paalsgard emulsion oil, P.E.O. -/pflanzliches vegetable oil -/reduziertes s. -/getopptes -/rohes (petrol) crude [oil] -/rostschiitzendes rust-inhibiting oil -/saures (petrol) sour oil (acid-treated oil before

neutralization) -/schwach trocknendes s. -/halbtrocknendes -/schwefelbehandeltes s. -/geschwefeltes -/schweres heavy oil

477 -/staubbindendes dust-laying oil -/sulfatiertes (sulfiertes) sulphated oil -/sulfoniertes (sulfuriertes) sulphonated oil -/tierisches animal oil -/trocknendes drying oil -/vegetabilisches vegetable oil -/wasserldsliches s. -/emulgierbares -/zuriickgewonnenes recovered oil Olabloschung /oil quenching Olabscheider m oil separator Olabscheidung /separation of oil, oil removal Olabschreckung / oil quenching Olabsorption / oil absorption Olabtrennung / s. Olabscheidung olabweisend oil-repellent, oleophobic Olabweisungsvermogen n oil repellency Olanreicherung /, Olansammlung / 1 . oil accumu­

lation; 2 . oil pool (reservoir, accumulation) olartig oily, oleaginous Olausbruch m (petrol) blow-out Olbad n oil bath Olbatch m (rubber) oil masterbatch Olbehalter m oil tank (container); oil cup (of a vis­

cometer) olbeheizt oil-heated Olbeheizung /oil[-fired] heating Olbeize / (coat) oil stain oibeladen (hyd) oil-coated, oil-wet (solids) olbestandig resistant to oil, oil-resistant, oil-

resisting Olbestandigkeit / resistance to oil, oil resistance olbildend oil-forming Olbitumen n oily bitumen Olbohrloch n, 6 lbohrung / oil (petroleum) well Olbrenner m oil burner (gun) Olbrucke /ol (olation) bridge (between metal atoms

and OH groups) Olbrunnen m oil (petroleum) well -/pumpender pumping well oldicht oiltight (joint)', oilproof (paper) Oldichtigkeit /oiltightness (of a joint)-, oilproofness

(of paper) Oleat n oleate Olefin n olefin, *alkene Olefinierung /olefination Olefinierungsmittel n, Olefinierungsreagens n

olefin-forming reagent olefinisch olefinic Olefinpolymerisation / olefin polymerization Olefinreihe / olefin series, alkene family Olein n 1. olein, glycerol oleate; 2 . olein, commer­

cial oleic acid Oleinsatz m oil feed -/dampfformiger vapour feed (in Thermofor cata­

lytic cracking) -/flussiger liquid feed (in Thermofor catalytic

cracking) Oleinsaure fs. Olsaure olen to oil

Oleo[margarin] n oleomargarine] (a certain kind of beef fat)

oleophob s. olabweisend Oleoresin n oleoresin (a mixture of an essential oil

and a resin) Oleostearin n, Oleostock n (food) oleostearin Oleum n oleum, fuming sulphuric acid Oleylalkohol moleyl alcohol, *cis-octadec-9-en-1-

ol 1-Oleylglycerylether m glycerol 1-oleyl ether,

selachyl alcohol Olfaktometrie / (med) olfactometry Olfalle / oil trap Olfanger m oil separator Olfarbe / oil paint, oil-base[d] paint, (esp in art:) oil

colour Olfeld n oil field (pool) Olfeldentwicklung /oil-field development Olfeldwasser n (petrol) edge water olfest s. olbestandig Olfeuerung / oil firing Olfilter n oil filter Olfirnis m boiled oil; oil varnish (for printing) Olfleck m oil spot olfrei free from oil, oil-free Olfrucht / oil plant olfuhrend oil-bearing, petroleum-bearing, petro­

liferous Ol-Furnace-Anlage / (rubber) oil-furnace plant OI-Furnace-RuB m (rubber) oil-furnace black Ol-Furnace-Verfahren n (rubber) oil-furnace pro­

cess Olgas n oil (fatty) gas olgefeuert oil-fired Olgehalt m oil content; (coat) oil length (related to

resin) Olgemisch n oil mixture olgestreckt (rubber) oil-extended, oil-filled olgetrankt oil-impregnated Olgriin n 1 . oil green (chromium(lll) oxide)-, 2 .