As a man who made every one of his gifts work for him, Gary Booth appeared to glide smoothly through the multiple social, physical and emotional barriers that fate threw in his path. Any one of them could have tripped him up. His rise in the world of high ®nance was extraordinary. Not that he did it without effort; he worked extremely hard and for long hours when this was called for. Somehow, he had resolutely harnessed and focused his youthful energy on a long-term outcome which would be bene®cial to himself and those he loved. Not that he had any speci®c goal ± as the achievement manuals always recommend ± nor had he any kindly mentor or counsellor who would gently pull him aside for a heart to heart. There was just the fuzzy idea in his head that things somewhere else were better than what he was experiencing as a boy, and whatever it was, he wanted to be part of it.