This book highlights the vastness and diversity of the engagement literature. Researchers have examined a seemingly endless variety of variables in their attempt to better understand the conceptualization of engagement relative to other variables (especially burnout) as well as relationships with engagement’s antecedents and consequences. As research on engagement has expanded very quickly, a need has emerged for a synthesis of existing empirical studies. Thus, the purpose of this chapter is to provide a metaanalysis of the correlates of engagement. To that end, I offer a very brief summary of the expected

relationships from the literature. I emphasize the brief nature of the review in light of space limitations and to avoid redundancy; readers will be well-served to examine other chapters in the present volume for more detail on the theories underlying the relationships between engagement and its correlates. I then discuss the manner in which the meta-analysis was carried out along with its primary findings. This will lead to a discussion of the current state of the empirical engagement literature and suggestions for future research.