Ballistic missile technology has now been around for more than 50 years.

This technology was first deployed by Germany during the Second World

War. Today, the know-how and infrastructure to manufacture and deploy

ballistic missiles is widely dispersed, with more than 25 countries in posses-

sion of ballistic missiles. These include countries such as the USA, Russia,

the United Kingdom, France, China, the Democratic People’s Republic of

Korea (North Korea), Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, Pakistan and Libya. Many

of the countries that are acquiring ballistic missiles also have programmes to

develop nuclear, biological, or chemical warheads. Most countries also pos-

sess short-or medium-range missiles for battlefield use. While these pose

threats within the regions of their deployment, the development of longer-

range missiles and the capability to use these to deliver nuclear, biological or

chemical warheads, creates a threat to global security.