Most of Barber’s manuscripts are housed in the Library of Congress, many transferred to microfilm, while others are stored in large boxes. Other copies, housed at the Sibley Library of the Eastman School of Music, are on loan to the school from G. Schirmer publishers. They are copies that Barber sent to the company’s editors to make the final printed versions, and may vary somewhat from originals at the Library of Congress. The University of Pennsylvania also has an archive of scores in its Eugene Ormandy Collection-printed scores with bowings, notes, etc., added by Ormandy and some of the players in the Philadelphia Orchestra. While not as significant, perhaps, as original manuscripts, they nevertheless may be of interest to future Barber scholars. Manuscripts from Barber’s youth can be found at the Chester County Historical Society. A few other sources are the New York Public Library, Curtis Institute of Music (not really accessible), the Marian Anderson Collection at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Pierpont Morgan Library (accessible with written permission). I have made no attempt to list and/or describe some of the manuscripts that are in private collections, because scholars would not usually be allowed access to them.