There has been a decline in the private rented sector in most European countries. Data in tables from the previous chapter show the extent of the decline. In France 32% of all dwellings were in the private rented sector in 1963; latest estimates show the current level to be around 20%. In the Netherlands the size of the sector fell from 47% in 1950 to 15% in 1990. The sharpest decline has however been in the UK where private renting fell from 53% of all dwellings in 1950 to just 8% in 1990. The data shows that the trends in decline have been somewhat different between the countries. In the UK the greatest decline was between 1950 and 1970; in France the decline was less dramatic and much more gradual over the past four decades; the Netherlands also followed a more gradual pattern, but experienced a sharp drop between 1975 and 1980. These trends coincide with political and economic events and policy changes towards the sector in the respective countries and are discussed in the previous chapter.