I've got this thing about having a nice house like I really like my ¯at you know it's the ¯at that I've got now it's I've got it looking really nice you know cos we never sort of had a nice house.

(Participant P12)

In this fourth and ®nal data analysis chapter I will focus on the interview of one participant, P12. She had changed her place of residence a number of times over her life and these changes included international moves, from Britain to New Zealand and back. The interview illustrates a number of the points I have already discussed. Her experience could be seen as an example of the mobility which is said to characterize contemporary Western societies (Giddens, 1991; van Meijl, in press). There was trouble in her identity work around place and belonging, explainable in terms of the ideal which I call the born and bred narrative resource. Nonetheless, participant P constructs her life history as a progressive narrative, including in class terms which she discusses as a speci®c concern for her. She also discusses the importance for her of `having a nice house', including in the short extract at the start of the chapter.