The main homework focus should continue to be on identifying extracurricular activities. This may not be an issue for some teens who already have activities from which they can draw new friends. Expect some parent resistance on this assignment for the teens who do not belong to such activities. Some parents may present activities that fall far short, hoping not to be challenged. Parents may also present activities the teen has been attending without benefit of generating closer friendships. For instance, a teen may love to attend a youth group, but would not consider asking any of the members for their phone number. Just because a teen loves the youth group does not mean it fits the parameters of the homework assignment. Now is a good time to find new activities because the teen will be more motivated, in order to complete the homework assignment for PEERS. The group leader may need to help the parent by judging when an extracurricular activity is not productive by sharing this with the parent and getting them motivated to find better alternatives. At the end of the discussion of the extracurricular activities, summarize all of the good ideas. Ask each parent to state what he or she will do to follow-up in the coming week.