In the process of Martin improving his conversational skills (i.e., being less of a conversation hog, trading information about topics other than politics, and finding common interests with peers), Martin joined the debate team at his school. This was an ideal venue in which Martin could explore and discuss his political beliefs with other teenagers who held a passion for debate and an interest in politics. Martin began to comprehend the importance of different viewpoints, and discovered methods for challenging opposing views in a mutually respectful and appropriate manner. Martin began to find new sources of friends with similar interests. Each week in PEERS, he reported using his peer entry skills to slip into conversations with other members before and after debate. He found it easy to converse with the other members because they already shared common interests. He also successfully organized multiple get-togethers with various members of his debate team, which eventually led to Martin planning his first adolescent birthday party, in which nearly all 10 members of his debate team attended with much fun, amusement-and debate!