The previous chapter discussed how the cultural reduction of homophobia and homohysteria has led to the embracing of one’s gay teammates and friends. However, a reduction in homohysteria also has an impact on gender relations. This is because homohysteria and anti-femininity are intricately related, as antifemininity codes one as ‘not gay.’ If men are less concerned with being thought gay, there should be a resultant reduction in antifemininity. However, if men are less antifeminine, it should also impact positively upon their views of women. Thus, one might expect to see a decrease in both antifemininity and misogyny as homohysteria declines. This reduction might even have an effect on the men’s dominance over women more broadly, eroding at patriarchy. This occurs because once heterosexual men are freed from the burden of having to reprove their heterosexuality, once they no longer care if others think they are gay, they maintain more liberty to investigate and embrace once-tabooed social spaces, behaviors and ideas.