During a visit to the Cairo Museum in the fi nal stages of the research for this work in 2007, I held discussions with two leading Egyptian scholars centered primarily on Maat. We engaged in a critical examination of Maatian dogma and how it represented the fulcrum for practically all aspects of life in ancient Egypt. Professor Mamdouh El Domaty is a former Curator of the Cairo Museum and professor at Ain Shams University, Cairo. Professor Salah El Kholy teaches at the University of Cairo. They provided interesting and useful insights into Maat. Professors Domaty and El Kholy’s contribution towards the elucidation on Maat is consistent with those provided by other highly respected researchers on ancient Egypt with specifi c reference to Maat (Obenga, 2004; Karenga, 1989; Parkinson, 2003). In fact, as a result of the discussions I decided to refer to Maat as a “dogma” in the sense in which the term is used in Christianity.