The preceding three chapters described a wide range of initiatives undertaken on the journey to inclusive education-transforming SSI schools; assisting regular schools to become inclusive and providing ongoing support for this purpose; transforming pedagogy from special to inclusive education; and transforming the capacity of communities to develop inclusive education in early education and primary school. In this chapter, we pull together some of the key lessons learned about the process of change at the micro (classroom and school) level, the mezzo (community) level and in transforming pedagogy before we turn in the next part to strategies for change at the macro (policy and systems) level. We report here on fi ndings and lessons learned at the school level based on a series of research studies we began in 2000 as we supported students to transition from SSI into the mainstream schools. We also summarize and integrate the key lessons about change at the community level and in pedagogy, based on our more extensive discussions of these lessons in Chapters 6 and 7.