Then Abdalla¯h ibn Muh ˙ ammad came to the throne. The situation regarding

Ibn H ˙

afs ˙ u¯n became grave, which aroused all the people of al-Andalus.

Abdalla¯h dismissed Abu¯ [. . . A¯mir ibn] Mu a¯wı¯ya as judge and replaced him with al-Nad

˙ ar ibn Sala¯ma; then he dismissed him and appointed Mu¯sa¯ ibn

Z ı¯ya¯d al-Judha¯mı¯ al-Shadhu¯nı¯.2 Then he dismissed Mu¯sa¯ and re-appointed alNad

˙ ar. He dismissed al-Nad

˙ ar and made him a minister, and summoned his

brother Muh ˙ ammad from Qabra [Cabra] – which was their place of origin –

and appointed him.3 Muh ˙ ammad acted fairly and was one of the most favour-

ably remembered among the righteous judges. He died, and the emir appointed al-H

˙ abı¯b ibn Z ı¯ya¯d, who was his judge until Abdalla¯h’s death.4