Emotions in this group emerge in relation to our social affiliations. They provide feedback that relates to the quality of our relationships and our status among others. Most often they occur when our affiliations have been damaged in some way. The damage might be minor or more extreme, and it may be real damage or only our own perception of damage. Whatever the case, the affiliation emotions reveal our desire for relationships and emerge as part of efforts to protect and retain those relationships. Generally, these emotions are felt when a relationship is in some way compromised. Interestingly, when we consider the purpose of emotions, we may actually inhibit the expression of these feelings in order to avoid exacerbating an already bad situation. For instance, we may try to conceal our feelings of embarrassment when embarrassment is felt, and we certainly strive to hide our feelings of shame. Even if not expressed outwardly, these feelings do consistently compel actions necessary to remedy the immediate social challenge.