What equipment should you take with you when carrying out your survey? I have included a list which covers most eventualities:

(a) Stout A4 clipboard. (b) Adequate supply of paper. (Note: Some people prefer using graph

paper as this ensures that sketches are made to scale.) (c) Compass for checking north point. (d) Variety of coloured pens. (This makes it easier to distinguish dimen-

sions from the outline of the building.) (e) Digital camera. (This saves a great deal of time for both the draught-

sperson and for the surveyor when ‘on site’. When preparing the plan, you are immediately reminded of what the property looks like and can pick up any items that you may have forgotten to note on your sketches such as rainwater pipe or, say, a balanced flue position.)

(f) Two metre folding surveyor’s ‘staff ’ (I find that a double-sided metric is best.) and/or laser measure.