In the mistaken belief that she is romantically involved with a television celebrity, Margaret breaks into his empty house, camps out there, and makes use of his vehicle (Bruni, 1998). Rusty murders two policeman, thinking that they are keeping him from gaining access to an instrument that can save the world from cannibalism (B. Miller, 1999). After killing his 74-year-old brother by smashing a TV set over his head, 70-yearold James tells police that he has slain “the enemy” who had been disguised as his brother (Cazalas, 1998). On a subway train, John attacks a total stranger for no apparent reason. Margo puts her children to bed, walks into her bedroom, and shoots her husband in cold blood. After killing a teacher whom she claims had sexually abused her, Patty says she does not remember the crime and cannot explain the bloody clothing found in her laundry room; and on instructions from “voices,” Andrea drowns her five children “to save them from the devil,” then turns herself in to the police (Cassel, 2002a).