In Florida, a 12-year-old boy kills a 9-year-old girl with moves he learned from watching wrestling on television; 19 men hijack four airplanes and use them as flying bombs to damage the Pentagon building and destroy the World Trade Center, killing almost 3,000 people; a brilliant Harvard-educated scientist, Theodore Kaczynski (who became known as the “Unabomber”) kills and maims victims by sending explosives through the mail; a man and a teenage boy terrorize the Washington, DC area by killing people at random with a highpowered rifle fired from the trunk of a car; someone sends anthrax in the mail, causing the death of several postal workers and sickening many more; a man in Washington State admits to killing more than 30 women; a doctor performs a late-term abortion on a woman whose life is in danger; a nurse gradually ups the dosage of morphine given to a dying patient to relieve her pain; a man who knows he is infected with the HIV virus has unprotected sex with many women; a woman consumes enough drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy to give her newborn a cocaine addiction and fetal alcohol syndrome; gay and lesbian couples engage in consensual sex; a pedophile uses Internet chat rooms to entice young boys to sexual encounters; a chemical company dumps carcinogenic waste on its property, contaminating groundwater for miles around and contributing to the development of leukemia in dozens of nearby residents; media mogul and homemaking queen Martha Stewart sells certain shares of stock after receiving inside information that the price is about to fall; executives manipulate energy markets and falsify corporate accounts for personal gain, ultimately bankrupting their company and costing its employees and stockholders their jobs and their money; tobacco company scientists make cigarettes more addictive by increasing their nicotine content; bank officers knowingly make bad loans that cause the failure of financial institutions; and high-level employees at Wall Street firms manipulate stock prices, costing investors billions and shaking public confidence in equity markets.