A. B. Bosworth ('AI0ETAIPOI', CQ 23 [1973], 245-253; cf. Arrian i 170 f.) has demonstrated that the term acGexaipoi (or aoGexepoi) is correctly used by Arrian (2. 23. 2; 4. 23.1; 5. 22. 6; 6. 6.1; 6. 21. 3) to denote a part of the Makedonian phalanx, and that the reading of the MSS., emended by editors to 7ie£exaipoi, should be retained; in fact, the validity of the term is virtually proved by Arr. 7. 11. 3 which speaks of the introduction of 7ie£exaipoi Ilepcai Kai aoGexepoi aXXoi. There is no longer any doubt that acGexaipoi (or ol acGexaipoi KaXoiijuevoi)1 is the correct way of designating a portion of the Makedonian infantry.