In this chapter we will develop the notion of a cadre function that is created by the process of Vergesellschaftung. ‘The connection of the individual with all, but at the same time also the independence of this connection from the individual’, by which Marx denotes the moment of socialisation in the development of the world market (1973:161; emphasis deleted), is not sustained spontaneously. As socialisation proceeds in conjunction with commodification or by other modes of alienation (e.g. by state formation), the need for control and direction of collective labour, and the task of maintaining social cohesion under conditions of advanced division of labour, brings forth a specific stratum of functionaries. The second part of the above quotation from the Grundrisse, as will be remembered, claimed that the condition of universal, impersonal interconnection engendered by the world market ‘at the same time contains the conditions for going beyond it’. This implies that if there exists a definite social stratum which is associated with socialisation, it cannot be left out of an analysis of the transformation of capitalist society.