In its broadest sense ‘Managing Resources’ could include people, time, money and materials; this chapter concentrates on the last two as the others have been dealt with earlier in this book.

Physical education by its very nature needs a variety of specialist facilities, equipment and teaching materials. These may be on or off-site, indoor or outdoors, and vary in cost and maintenance needs. The OFSTED (1995) summary of good practice, reported on equipment and accommodation and clearly acknowledges very positive provision of resources:

However the OFSTED inspections findings of 105 primary schools in 1993 declared

This report clearly raises a number of issues for the coordinator, who is responsible for managing these resources and ensuring that they are as sufficient and appropriate as finance and vision allows. The TTA (1996), in their proposals for the role of subject leaders, define this responsibility as:

This will involve a number of practical tasks such as stocktaking, monitoring, replacement and maintenance and most of all making sure things are available to the right people at the right time. This chapter looks at what managing equipment and facilities involves and offers some ideas on how you can fulfil your duties effectively and efficiently.