One of the key factors behind Photoshop’s success has been the program’s support for plug-in filters. Most Photoshop filters provide a preview dialog with slider settings that the people can adjust, while some of the more sophisticated plug-ins are like mini applications operating within Photoshop. Photoshop supports a limited number of filters in 16-bit. However, most of the essential filters, such as those used to carry out standard production image processing routines, are all able to run in 16-bit mode. The Motion Blur filter can be used to create an effective impression of blurred movement. It adds a Linear Blur that spreads in both directions and the people can use the filter dialog sliders to control the angle of the blur as well as the distance of the blur spread. Smart Filters are mainly intended for use with value-based filters only, such as the Add Noise or Unsharp Mask filter.