Photoshop actions are application scripts the people can use to record a sequence of events that have been carried out in Photoshop and any actions they record while working in Photoshop can then be replayed on other images. The Actions panel already contains a set of pre-recorded actions called Default Actions.atn. Photoshop then applies the recorded sequence of commands to the selected image. Most Photoshop operations can be recorded as an action, such as image adjustments, History panel steps, filters, and most Photoshop tool operations, although the people should be aware that tools such as the marquee and gradient fills are recorded based on the current set ruler unit coordinates. Photoshop actions can also become lost if the people trash the Photoshop preferences or uninstall Photoshop. There are some things which can be added as part of a Photoshop action that can only be included by forcing the insertion of a menu item.