Adobe added the Repousse feature in Photoshop CS5, which allows animators to create not only three-dimensional (3D) text but also 3D content based on two-dimensional (2D) paths, selections, and masks. The Repousse options can be reached through the 3D menu, as well as the 3D panel when animators have a 2D layer selected. The Repousse is applied to paths; there are four types of paths and selections that animators can use to apply the 3D extrusion through the Repousse feature: the Text Layer, the Layer Mask, the Selected Path, and the Current Selection. The Repousse feature actually extrudes the path or selection area to give it the three-dimensional effect. The Extrude section controls the extrusion settings for the 3D Repousse objects. The internal constraints are selected parts (selections or paths) inside the 3D Repousse face that allow animators to set the areas that are excluded from the extrude effect.