The kama muta moments vary from barely perceptible to extremely intense and memorable peak experiences that give meaning and purpose to life. These kama muta experiences are ‘positive’ in every sense: people report that the feeling is good, they remember it fondly, and they want to re-experience it. Family and friends’ kama muta cements essential ties that sustain vital kinship and affiliation. Memorial events evoke patriotic kama muta that sustains politically important national bonds, while kama muta from participation in mass gatherings creates cohesion that fosters mutual support and dedication to social movements. The joyous kama muta moments of the activities are sometimes so small as to be barely noticeable, and hence rather taken for granted after a while. One might say that impractical events are merely a bit ‘sweet’ or ‘touching.’ Some kama muta moments are noticeably ‘heartwarming.’ So when engaging in a cultural activity evokes kama muta, people want to engage in the activity again.