Residence in Kedah and Kelantan showed a greater tendency towards virilocality, related to the availability of land. In the Philippines, both parents may exert pressure on a young couple, and availability of land may be the factor deciding residence. Residence may be neolocal after the first few months, although contribution to part of house building costs will be an inducement to remain close to parents. In central Thailand, daughters of marriageable age generally attract in-marrying husbands bringing bride price, while sons leave the parental home, giving them rights in the estate of their bride's family. In the central flood plain, residence may be with the parents of the bride, groom or neolocally, according to the best opportunity, but with strong traditional preference for the girl's family. In north and south India, different marriage patterns mean that a girl in the north must always leave her natal village, while in the south she may remain, or live close by with kin.