Titoism benefits in the West from what survives of socialist utopianism. The leading Soviet exiles—Solzhenitsyn, Bukovsky, Zinoviev, and others—however much they differ between themselves, have provided an insight into Soviet life which has sickened even the most ardent fellow-travellers. Teachers on Yugoslav affairs rely on Yugoslav officials, not only for information, but also for invitations, exchanges and sabbatical perks. The contribution of "the friends" has enabled Yugoslavia to honour all its international debts. It has also benefited improvident Western bankers and provided jobs and profits to Western factories short of customers and eager to supply Yugoslavia with equipment, spare parts and finished goods—especially as these have been financed mainly by Western tax-payers. Millions of tourists visit Yugoslavia every year to enjoy the climate, the scenery and the historical treasures, but most of them very sensibly refuse to allow Yugoslavia's complicated politics to spoil their pleasures.