The general view of Tito, nurtured by his own party, which has had a 40-year monopoly of the Yugoslav media, and widely shared by the outside world, is that the man, who dominated his country for so long, whatever his faults or errors, was a great Yugoslav patriot and political visionary. It was too late to mobilize the German Communists, in concentration camps, but else-where Party members were ordered to organize and join new "Popular Fronts" and given appropriately liberal and patriotic slogans to match the new anti-Fascist line. Josip Broz, better known in the world as Marshal Tito, was unquestionably a most remarkable man. In obedience to Stalin's orders, the Yugoslav Communist Party, of which Tito was a member, declared itself at its 1928 Fourth Congress to be in favour of the creation of independent states of Croatia and Slovenia and of the unification, as well as the independence, of Macedonia and Albania.