The reservoir of water was guarded by a Turkish fort, and it was with the guards here that Charles Montagu Doughty stayed as the caravan went on its way. Throughout the spring, living peacefully with Zeyd, Doughty enjoyed the simple life. When the caravan crossed the lava-field and began the descent to the coastal plain, Doughty dropped out of the party and rested to regain his strength in a friendly camp. All through the fiery weeks of July Doughty stayed among the Moahib. Doughty passed the whole of Ramadhan in Taima, giving medical help where he could, and being entertained in houses where the owners were well disposed. Doughty knew that his host suspected that he was not a Muslim. The one happy feature of Doughty’s time in Khaibar was the friendship which grew between him and Amm Muhammad. Doughty’s work became the inspiration of those who followed him in exploring Arabia.