As planned, Bob Nelson scheduled another training session for the leadership team and other select employees from Tires for All. This training session was on another side of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) referred to as the Logical Thinking Processes, which are a series of problem-solving tools. As usual, Bob welcomed everyone and began speaking. “When we study organizations, we find that there are three basic types of problems that must be dealt with. Problems can be chronic, change-related, or a hybrid of the two. Chronic problems are those problems that have seemingly been around forever and have defied all previous attempts at resolution. Chronic problems are very often associated with things like product defects, equipment downtime, and so on. Change-related problems, on the other hand, are characterized by their sudden onset and can usually be traced to a change made somewhere within the organization or process. Solving this type of problem is done so by first locating the change and either changing it back or coming up with a different solution. Hybrid problems are a combination of chronic and change-related problems, in that a chronic problem suddenly becomes worse. All three of these problems are typically associated with the physical world or physical processes and require a very systematic approach for resolution.”