Like before, in previous sessions, the same group filed into Tires for All’s off-site conference room at the same hotel they had used before. Bob welcomed everyone and began. “Many people who have gone through a TOC Jonah training session on the Logical Thinking Processes have come away kind of overwhelmed and sometimes feeling like they are unable to apply what they had supposedly just learned. Let’s face it, the Theory of Constraints Logical Thinking Process tools are just not easy for some people to grasp and apply. As a result, many people kind of put them on the back burner, rather than taking a chance of doing something wrong. Well, for everyone who fits into this category, I have hope for you, and this hope is referred to as the Goal Tree. The Goal Tree is another logic diagram that is actually simple to construct, and unlike the Logical Thinking Processes, it is one that I think you would feel confident using. In the spirit of learning a tool and making it your own, I have changed the way the Goal Tree was first presented, but I’ll get to that change later. So, let’s review both the history and basics of the Goal Tree,” Bob explained.