After Bob left for the day, Tom and Mark decided to meet and strategize their next steps. Both were very excited about what they had learned from Bob and wanted to plan how they would get everyone involved in their new beginning. Both were very excited about the possibilities that could come about at their plant in terms of profitability. Mark was the first to speak and said, “Tom, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with you at how quickly you grasped the lessons Bob gave us today.” “Well thank you Mark, but when you stop and think about it, it’s all just common sense,” Tom replied. “How do you think we should go about involving our employees with our new direction?” Mark asked Tom. “I think one of the first things we should do is present the basics of the Theory of Constraints to our Operation’s Manager and the Supervisors,” said Tom. “I also want my Finance employees to hear about it and our union leader,” he added. “One thing that stood out for me in our discussion with Bob was that I don’t think we have to be concerned with any layoffs,” Mark said. “I agree,” Tom said.