The cataract-like experiences with nuclear issues throughout their personal histories has been enfolded into variegated layers with each of them. An architect of nuclear reactors is indeed a rare conjunction. The products of the architects’ designs defy the imagination in that nuclear power stations are either underdetermined in terms of buildings that are purely functional, or overdetermined as monstrous death traps. In the design of domestic housing for nuclear plant staff, people’s individual and cultural predilections could be accommodated. By comparison, for nuclear plants, the most important factors were safety, environment, climate, and utility. Prakash was a college science teacher in his 50s, married with two daughters in their mid-teens. All parents want their children to be doctors, engineers. Also the government values science. It has always been there for the nation’s development. Science is part of the national fabric. For Prakash, science was the only way forward for the country as well as his family.