Chapter 11 focuses on embellishing simple melodies over a familiar chord progression from a jazz standard. The chapter begins by presenting the AABA song form and chords. The author presents two simple melodies, called “Melodic Arpeggios” and “Who Is This One I Like?” The “Melodic Arpeggios” melody is intended to teach the chords of the tune and as well as some simple guide tones that connect them. “Who Is This One I Like?” is more free-wheeling, representing a more through-composed approach to choosing chord tones. Both melodies are used as foundations for improvisation exercises that use all the melodic embellishment techniques learned throughout the book. The author discusses the complexity in choosing upper neighbors in harmonically rich and complex song. The chapter includes a composition exercise where the task is to compose a simple melody on the form of “Who Is This One I Like?” which is then embellished with the same exercises from the rest of the book.