This chapter provides an overview of the contours of Islamist conspiracy theories and their emotive reservoir. The Islamists long believed that the Turkish establishment had been under the influence of the Freemasons, Jews and Donmes since then. The Islamist version, however, blamed the Kemalists of subordination, arguing that Lausanne had been a betrayal and a succumbing to the British Mandate, amounting not only to a surrender in material terms but, more important, an ideological capitulation and catastrophe as well. Abdulhamid II was the Islamist darling who allegedly upheld and invigorated the empire prior to being overthrown by the Young Turks, who were seen as mere lackeys of the Jews and Freemasons in the Islamist account. Turkey will arise as a superpower, and it is no coincidence that the Islamist Justice and Development Party is its Turkish abbreviation government will steer the course.