This chapter provides an overview of the conspiratorial culture and the mechanisms that went into creating it. The conspiratorial culture of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Islamist intelligentsia considers all perceived domestic and international foes to be allied in a deep collaboration. The Gezi protests became the bete noir of the Islamist intelligentsia and their conspiratorial universe. Hasmet Babaoglu, a left-liberal intellectual erstwhile known for his romantic takes but became an avid apologist of AKP, emerged as an extravagant interlocutor of fringe Western conspiratorialism addressing his newly found Islamic audience and Islamist intelligentsia. Islamist intelligentsia promoted a conspiratorial culture that blended inherited Islamist discourses with conspiracy theories imported from the West in the age of conspiracy theories. By alleging that the opposition had collaborated with international enemies in a variety of ways, the AKP sought to gain the moral upper hand.