Mergers and acquisitions happen for a variety of reasons but whatever the driver there is always a need to ensure that business systems, including digital technology, can be integrated efficiently as part of joining two organisations. And this will be the case even when the reason for the merger is the acquisition of new technology used by or owned by the target organisation.

Getting to an agreement that will work from a technology perspective is complex. Once analysis has been made of the potential technology fit of the target organisation, there will be a need to consider how technology integration can be implemented. Care will need to be taken if the merger is happening to acquire new technology or technology skills as too little flexibility here, e.g. imposing the dominant company’s systems may well kill off the benefits that would accrue from learning about new technology. A data room will be needed to record any technology issues and an audit of the digital estate should be undertaken. The final deal should specify technology governance issues. After the agreement is signed there is work to be done aligning technology cultures and strategies and integrating systems.105