Energy should be viewed as a commodity that is often in short supply during the season. There are many ways that one can drain the energy that they have. Team drama and politics can certainly create problems with mental energy. If you waste time thinking about how much you dislike your teammates, you are hurting not only yourself but the rest of your team as well. Family and relationship stress can also be problematic. You should ask yourself, is your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend something that recharges you or drains you? Alcohol and drugs can also take precious energy away from athletes.

There are many strategies that one can have in order to save or recharge their battery. This includes putting simple decisions on autopilot. One also should not make mistakes that disrupt circadian rhythm, like repeatedly hitting the snooze bar. Try to simplify in-game communication so that you have enough left in the tank for the end of the game. Your nutrition is something that should be managed intelligently year-round, not just in season. Floyd Mayweather is an expert in sustaining energy.