In a similar way to Scandinavian design, Japanese design has influenced and percolated into most commercial and living spaces. This design style is as much about a whole lifestyle as it is about the interiors of buildings. The rationale for the simplistic nature of Japanese interior design is drawn from the philosophies of Taoism, the particular concept that a room’s true beauty is the empty space ‘within’ architectural enclosure, developing an ‘emptiness aesthetic’. Japanese Zen-style interiors draw inspiration from elements of nature and are very efficient in the use of resources affecting the planet. Brazil experimented with the use of Modernism, both to reinvigorate and modernise the existing cities, but also in the early 1950s decided to develop a new modern capital of Brasilia in the heart of the country. Most Brazilian interiors are anchored by a strong sense of artistic freedom. It is used as a point of expression and artistry.