Design in Iceland is a relatively young tradition, starting in the 1950s but now growing rapidly and establishing itself as a design nation, but also as a destination for designers and architects to practise. The interior design sector has been creating spaces and places for the increasing number of visitors to the island. The Icelandic interior combines a modernistic outlook, often blending technological progress with an almost primaeval connection with nature. The designers are often contradictory, reflecting the geographical contrasts of this small yet dynamic island with its austere landscape, volcanic activity, gigantic glaciers, harsh weather conditions and richness of natural texture. Iceland is quickly becoming a destination for design. While the population is quite small the visitor levels are high, and the island caters for discerning levels of design. The tropical climate in Malaysia, its interior design and architecture often deal with mediating interior and exterior space. Malaysia has one of the fastest-growing interior design sectors in South-East Asia.