As a Burmese woman who belongs to the Wild Lu, a fictional ethnic minority looked down upon by the rest of the country as a band of ignorant head-hunters, Na Ga has always been exploited by others for their self-serving purposes. Throughout The Road to Wanting, Na Ga’s narrative shifts between the present and a past dominated by gruesome events and experiences. Born around 1950, Na Ga’s fate represents the challenges faced by Burma’s numerous ethnic minorities, such as the actual Wa people, who inspired Law-Yone’s portrayal of Na Ga’s community of origin. In Rangoon, Na Ga initially helps Seng with her daily chores, practicing her English vocabulary with the older woman and learning “how to be a good Christian” along the way. Contrary to her expectations, Na Ga is eventually relieved of her duties and admitted to the American family as a sister for Pia, their only child.