Klevdas had great affection for King Apolon, and because of their great affection, they stayed with each other for long coming with all their servants and their courts. The king’s knights, seeing that the king had not returned for several days, rode searching for him but could not find him or hear any tidings of him. Then the queen, taking one handmaiden with her, went herself in search of King Meliadush, so that she might have some news about him. Tristan began to develop and improve himself, and in no time, so that they began to be amazed, he played chess and checkers better than the others; and no one sat on a horse as handsomely as he. King Marko and Tristan and all the knights, the king’s maidens and ladies went to church and prayed to God to deliver them from Amurat. Palamidezh went to Orlendea and claimed the tournament in Izhota’s honor.