This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book highlights that metaphors can be understood and experienced in very different ways depending upon whether one is the architect or recipient of change. It explores the consequences of the ‘journey’ metaphor for the managers and employees on the receiving end of it. The book provides a number of insights into the different types of organisational politics at work in Copperdale. It considers the impact of macro-politics on organisational change. The book also provides insights into ‘the discursive processes through which behaviours come to be labelled as political, attributed with political intent, and socially constructed as political’ which D. A. Buchanan asserts is ‘unexplored’ in the literature. Aside from the political wrangling over responsibility between local and national politicians, it is apparent that the enormous central government cuts in public sector spending coincided with job losses at Copperdale.