The National Institute of Education approval of the evaluation design were busy ones for American Institutes for Research (AIR). Plans called for parent and student interviews in the fall of 1979, a step that first involved obtaining federal approval of the questionnaires AIR planned to administer on local sites. The American Institutes for Research has four evaluation report: the evolution of a program, implementation, the program, the school and the students and the national Evaluation of the PUSH for excellence project: final report. The guide itself had adopted the sequential rationale of the evaluators and suggested that there were two phases of implementation—transition and preinvestment—into which all PUSH/Excel activities could be sorted. In further statistical analyses the evaluators found that the level of student participation was positively related to the students' certainty of graduating, belief in personal efficacy, efforts to achieve future goals, lowered suspension rates, and higher grade point averages—all positive outcomes.