Open disagreement between the United States and the Soviet Union about the Far East emerged only after Japan's surrender. The agreement Roosevelt had negotiated with the Soviets involved disposition of the Kuriles, Sakhalin, and Outer Mongolia, but Manchuria was by far the most important territory. If the Soviet Union sealed off Manchuria with Washington's acquiescence, charges would be raised that Franklin D. Roosevelt had closed the Open Door to appease Stalin. Henry Stimson said, the Soviet Union unilaterally could acquire the rights set down in the Yalta agreement. A Soviet diplomat already had given Chiang the text of the Yalta accord. Through Patrick J. Hurley, Chiang suggested that the United States and Britain participate in all agreements between China and the Soviet Union and that Port Arthur be designated a joint naval base of the some powers. The Chinese were trying to circumvent Soviet interests emphasizing the reasonableness of the Soviet position.