On September 2, 1939, Sharanov, called on Beck and asked him why Poland was not negotiating with the Soviets regarding supplies, since the "Voroshilov interview has opened up the possibility of getting them." The fourth partition of Poland by the Soviet Union went beyond the Curzon Line, paralleled almost exactly the line of the third partition of Poland, and, in addition, gained for the Soviet Union the territory of Eastern Galicia which had never been permanently occupied even by Tsarist Armies. The portion of Polish territory which the Soviet Union occupied in September and October of 1939 constituted in area 51% of the entire Polish territory, covering 77,586 square miles. Sikorski and the majority of his Cabinet did not believe that a Nazi victory in Russia was possible. He was convinced that the Allies would give maximum support to the Soviets and that if Poland created any roadblock in Allied unity, even morally, her prestige and position would go down.