On July 14, 1943 Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, Vice-Premier in Sikorski's Cabinet and Speaker of the Polish Parliament-in-Exile, was appointed Prime Minister after his name had been chosen for that post by the Polish underground leaders in Poland. This study, determined, indefatigable fighter for democracy in pre-war Poland, born of Polish peasant stock, was the very personification of a fighting Poland. In Eden's opinion, some of the Soviet moves at that time indicated that the Russians wanted to cooperate with the other Western Powers and that they were curtailing their ambitions. Almost simultaneously, the Underground leaders who represented all the democratic parties issued a declaration—a blueprint for a future democratic Poland. One of its objectives was to reassure Poland's Eastern Ally that they were determined not to return to the pre-war system of government. This document was transmitted to London and given to Churchill and Roosevelt to strengthen their negotiations with Stalin.