On January 1, 1944 the Soviet radio announced the establishment of the Lublin Committee with Boleslaw Bierut—a pre-war agent of the NKVD—as its head. This organization was not yet officially recognized by the Soviet Government. The Polish Government considered it, however, as a further form of pressure upon them to come to speedy terms with Moscow and viewed it as a form of political blackmail. In spite of the discouraging confidential reports from the Polish Ambassador in Washington about the attitude of the American officials towards Poland, Mikolajczyk was indefatigable in his efforts to try to talk with President Roosevelt. As the reader may remember, at the end of October 1943 President Roosevelt sent an invitation to Mikolajczyk asking him to visit in Washington around January 15, 1944. Stalin responded promptly by inviting Mikolajczyk to Moscow. After Mikolajczyk left London for Moscow the Soviets peremptorily confronted him with a new fait accompli.