This chapter discusses a thorough and complete coverage of Early Moscow Slavophilism, one of the leading candidates for separate, individual treatment would be Aleksander Ivanovich Koshelev. From Koshelev’s Memoirs, which he began to write in 1869, know that he and Ivan Kireevsky became close friends in the early 1820s while they were being tutored by several of the same Moscow professors. In Germany Koshelev met Schleiermacher, and F. K. von Savigny; in Weimar he was invited in 1831 to the home of the eighty-two-year-old Goethe. In Geneva, where he went next, he met, among others, the Italian statesman and economist P. L. E. Rossi whose lectures in French Koshelev described as superb. From Switzerland Koshelev went to Paris, where once again he was received in socially and intellectually prominent circles. A letter from Rossi introduced him to Guizot, Cousin, Michelet, Thierry, and others. At the end of May he arrived in London.